Here was originally published in the Winter 2018 edition of Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing. Settled in her wheelchair, hugging a mug of black coffee close to her chest, the old woman sits in the sunshine outside of the front door, a woven blanket draped across her lap. Tendrils of steam waft toward her glasses, … Continue reading Here

Lies that feel true that are making me cry tonight

There is something about you that is too different. Too sensitive. Too cautious. Too curious. Too quiet. You will never find your footing. You will never find your place. You will always be second guessing. You will always be scared. You will never fulfill your potential. You will never act on your passions. You will … Continue reading Lies that feel true that are making me cry tonight


We are only days in to the new year, 2018. I was happy to say farewell to 2017. It felt like a deep exhale. Breathe out all of the pain, grief, fear, doubt, illness, confusion, and loss. Breathe in health, hope, joy, peace, growth, and newness. If 2017 was a crash course in letting go, … Continue reading New