Too many things to be sad about

I stare into the mirror at my watery, red eyes, my shiny face, my mussed up hair. I look good, I think. Moments before I’d said goodnight to my mom, after nestling against her and crying. “There are too many things to be sad about,” I whispered to her. “I know,” she responded, “but we’re in this together.”

Does new grief trigger old grief? This week a life was taken too soon, before she’d even had time to really live it. Three weeks ago another life was taken after many years on earth, yet the loss still stings. Seven months ago a relationship died, and with it the expectation of what my life would look like. I’m sad about all of it. And these are only the griefs that have touched my own life.

I’m usually hopeful and thankful for an open heart. But sometimes it’s just too much. Too much pain and heartbreak and loss for too many people around the world.

I hold onto my mom’s words. We’re in this together.

Lord, hear our prayer.

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